Lumenplay Lights Bring Personalization to Holiday, Deck and Event Lights

It’s no surprise that people prefer relevant, personalized experiences everywhere they go, online and in their daily life. Social networks encourage and allow us to build an experience that is uniquely ours by deciding what personal information to share, who to like, follow or friend, and what conversations to engage in.

Technology plays a huge role in supporting the pursuit of personalization, and really makes it all happen. A group of smart product designers and developers in Salem, Oregon didn’t want to accept that their holiday lights couldn’t be personalized too. So, over the next few months they took care of that by developing the first and only string lights that can be completely customized with a smart device.

We promise, you’ve never seen anything like this.

Like a chameleon changes colors to adapt to its environment, Lumenplay lights change to whatever you want them to be. Think of each and every decorating need you have, and Lumenplay lights can adapt to fit them: birthdays and Halloween, tailgates and date night, black tie events and Easter. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Oh, and when Christmas comes, don’t just settle for red and green lights. With an unlimited number of colors to choose from and ten different effects, you could create a unique light display with different colors and effects every night. But don’t tell your neighbors at first - you’ll be the talk of the town.

When we’ve demonstrated how easy it is to change light colors by moving your finger across the color wheel or add effects with two touches, a common response heard was, “Wow, this is unbelievable. I want these.” That’s exactly what they were going for!

The mobile app supports customization of color brightness, direction, speed and pattern effects like multiball, crosswave and stack. The ability to visualize music through Lumenplay lights means that whether it’s Mozart or heavy metal, you can see the beat as lights sync up to the music.

For people who like to take charge of their life, Lumenplay offers total personalization of their decorative lighting display with a swipe of a finger, industry leading durability, and energy efficiency that is friendly to the environment and wallets.

Check out their Crowd Supply campaign that just launched today to learn more about Lumenplay lights and the technology behind them, and see how you can pledge today to create your very own light display for your next party.