Top Five Mistakes After Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign

A previous post detailed the top five mistakes before launching a crowdfunding campaign. This post follows up with the top five mistakes after launching a campaign.

Sitting back and relaxing
Preparing a campaign for launch takes a lot of work and it’s tempting to think that running the campaign will be a snap in comparison. The reality is that launching the campaign is just the beginning of another set of challenges, such as following up on outreach, dealing with backer questions and suggestions, modifying production plans based on campaign demand, and always being on the lookout for new ways to promote the campaign.
Keeping your backers in the dark
People who back a campaign want to know what’s going on. Creators should send an update to their backers about once a week, or whenever a milestone is hit. The same is true after a campaign has successfully ended. Keep your backers informed throughout the process.
Starting to think about promotion
It’s never too late to start thinking about promotion, but ideally creators would have done that before the campaign starts. Waiting until the campaign is already live means there will be a lot of playing catch up.
Ignoring questions and comments
Invariably, people will ask questions and have comments that a campaign creator didn’t anticipate. These should be addressed promptly, whether by e-mail or in a Frequently Asked Questions section of the campaign page. For every person that asks a question or makes a comment, it’s safe to assume there were hundreds more that thought the same thing but didn’t bother to ask or comment.
Leaving logistics for later
With a successful campaign comes a mountain of logistical work. Domestic and international shipping costs, package tracking, order changes, failed credit card payments, and accepting orders after the campaign are just some of the details that must be dealt with. The sooner these logistical issues are addressed, the better.