Kickstarter vs. Crowd Supply in 3 Sentences

Kickstarter, the biggest name in crowdfunding, recently announced that it surpassed $1 billion in pledges. We’re often asked about the difference between Kickstarter and Crowd Supply, and we expect to be asked even more in the coming weeks. Here it is in three sentences.

1. Product Development

Crowd Supply’s foundation is the engineering and product development needed to get great ideas off the drawing board, manufactured, and into the hands of their first customers; Kickstarter’s foundation is arts patronage.

2. Delivering on Promises

Kickstarter’s relationship to its campaigns starts and ends with raising capital, whereas Crowd Supply’s relationship revolves around delivering on the promises made during a campaign, which includes raising capital, having the right manufacturing plan, and literally delivering products to customers, among other things.

3. Ongoing Sales

Unlike Kickstarter, your business  doesn’t come to a grinding halt the day your campaign ends on Crowd Supply. If you want, we’ll continue to take pre-orders while you’re manufacturing and we'll often purchase our own inventory from you to sell directly from our stock.

(This post was inspired by Little Bird CEO Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post explaining the difference between Klout and Little Bird. I cribbed as much as I could.)