MacroFab: Agile PCB Assembly and Manufacturing for Hardware Creators

Photo credit: Wired Magazine

If you’ve ever endured the process of manufacturing circuit boards or electronics, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. After conducting extensive research to find a manufacturer to meet your needs (even more difficult if you’re looking to China), an initial RFP is filed, and then you embark on an endless back and forth of emails and phone calls to correct mistakes and adjust specifications as you go. Should you identify a mistake too late, you’ve just ordered a useless run of wasted units and probably lost a lot of money. That’s why today, we’re happy to welcome a new partner to the Crowd Supply network that’s eliminating all the hassle of manufacturing for electronics creators - MacroFab, Inc.

MacroFab is the easiest way to manufacture electronics, and it gives you complete control and transparency into the entire process in real-time. All you have to do is upload the design files and MacroFab instantly returns a price quote and time to delivery. Adjustments are made interactively before confirming the final order, and MacroFab sends real-time updates on the process, every step along the way. All specifications go directly to MacroFab’s manufacturing line in Houston, TX.

Crowd Supply creator Arachnid Labs used MacroFab to assemble the Tsunami, an Arduino compatible signal generator. Here’s what its founder Nick Johnson had to say about his MacroFab experience:

We identified a critical, last-minute design improvement for the Tsunami just before our circuit boards went off for production. Thanks to MacroFab’s real-time interface, we were able to avoid paying for a large run of botched units and make last-minute adjustments without delaying our delivery time. We plan to use them for all of our manufacturing and PCB assembly moving forward.

The costs associated with electronics manufacturing make hardware a prohibitively high-risk business - a problem that Crowd Supply and MacroFab both want to change. With MacroFab, creators can count on the highest quality of product and assembly, get the fastest turnaround possible, and the user experience can’t be beat. It also offers high-quality, highly affordable prototypes (often as low as $20) and has an API for easily integrating existing design and development applications with the MacroFab service.

We introduced the usability of a well-designed cloud service to the complex process of manufacturing. Whether it’s 10 or 1000 units, we want to give hardware startups a better way to manufacture products, save time, and bring transparency and control to the entire process. -- Chris Church, co-founder and CEO of MacroFab

You can get a feel for the MacroFab experience first hand on their real-time demo, or read more about them in this recent Wired Magazine article.

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