A Million More Reasons to Make It

Over the last two years, we’ve built a company we’re really proud of. We raised an initial seed of $500K in 2013, after leaving our comfortable jobs to make our dreams come true and work on projects that really inspire us. Since then, we’ve launched over 80 products, which have shipped to over 70 countries around the world, and beaten out rivals in funding totals and success rates. What’s more, every one of our creators has had their funded products successfully built, scaled, and delivered to backers.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve closed our second seed round of $935,000. The round was led by the Portland Seed Fund, and included Bialla Venture Capital, Inspiration Ventures (who also invested in our first round), Seven Peaks Ventures, and two notable players in today’s hardware startup ecosystem - SOSVentures and Joi Ito, venture capitalist and Director of MIT Media Lab. You can read more about it in the Portland Business Journal and Geekwire.

The timing couldn’t be better. We’re in the midst of a Hardware Renaissance that’s truly changing the way goods and hardware come to market. It’s powered by a collaborative economy that’s a direct result of the DIY and Maker culture (which pumps roughly $29 billion into the economy each year) and access to a global audience through crowdfunding and eCommerce.

Whether its gadgets and hardware or handcrafted goods and accessories, everyday people are showing a renewed interest in either making things themselves or purchasing well-crafted goods made by people they can relate to and trust. Mass production, at last, is giving way to the micro-production of niche, unique goods, and a renewed interest in quality, craftsmanship, and in open design.

Crowd Supply is gearing up to help even more creators bring their visions to life and start their own mini-industrial revolutions. We’re thrilled to be at the cornerstone of this movement, and to have the chance to support the best creators, hardware engineers and product designers in the world build their visions.

We can’t wait to see what you make.

Crowd Supply is a collaborative commerce platform that provides strategy, crowdfunding, e-commerce and logistics for the creators of the best new hardware and artisan goods. Launch your own product or explore our catalogue of awesome new hardware and manufactured goods here.