Meet us at GetGeeked Brooklyn

We’re proud to be a platinum level sponsor for this year’s GetGeeked, taking place on Thursday, October 15, at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

If you’re in the New York area, it’s open to the press beginning at 5pm, and opens to the general public from 7:30-10pm. Crowd Supply will have an assortment of great open hardware products to show off, and we’ll be in tow with a few of our favorite creators.

Purism: The Laptop that Respects Your Rights####


Purism is the maker of the Librem laptop - the first high-end laptop that respects your privacy, security, and freedom. It marries the best software certified by security, privacy, and freedom experts with a slim and beautiful design, including hardware switches to turn off your microphone and camera.

They just closed their second successful crowdfunding campaign, and are shipping the first units of both models next week. Todd Weaver, Purism's CEO, will be in attendance and giving live demos.

bassAware Drop: A Wearable Audio Device####


The bassAware Drop is a new type of wearable audio device that uses vibration to create a massive bass experience.

Wear your Drop to experience immersive sound and heavy bass that you can feel with any audio source: your phone, music player, tablet, laptop, or game console controller. And now with bassAware Boost Mic Mode technology, you can also instantly sync bassAware with your home stereo, the sound system at a club, or the PA system at any venue.

Meet the maker Michael White at the show and feel the bass for yourself.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard####


The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard is a split mechanical keyboard that utilizes Cherry MX switches. It’s also a fully programmable keyboard which can be vastly customized for your needs. If you need a compact ergonomic keyboard or looking for the programmers’ keyboard, look no further! Launching soon!

And other geeky goodies...####

In addition to the featured creators above, we'll be bringing along some of our favorite items that got their start at Crowd Supply, such as bunnie $ xobs' open Novena laptop, the USB Armory, and everyone's favorite crafting stickers, Circuit Stickers.