Crowd Supply, Numato Opsis, Snickerdoodle on FLOSS Weekly

Photo credit: TWit/ FLOSS Weekly

If you haven’t been tuning in to FLOSS Weekly, the podcast all about free/libre and open source software on TWiT, you’re missing out. Every Tuesday at 8am pt, Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb invite special guests from the free software and open source community to the show to talk about their latest projects. In the last month, Crowd Supply and creators have taken over their podcast waves - three times.

The segments are still online to view. Catch up on the latest from Crowd Supply with our CEO, Dr. Joshua Lifton, MIT Media Lab, and get the inside scoop on two FPGAs taking the open hardware community by storm - the Numato Opsis and Snickerdoodle by krtkl.

Sept. 30: Josh Lifton, CEO of Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply is a full service crowdfunding platform for open hardware and recently received the endorsement of the Free Software Foundation. Joshua Lifton co-founded Crowd Supply and helped build it from the ground up. He knows the challenges of going from idea to reality. Watch it here.


Oct. 20: Tim Ansell, Numato Opsis

The Numato Opsis is a powerful new FPGA-based open source video platform for videographers and visual artists. The Opsis board was designed to give the user complete control over high-speed video, enabling everything from real-time conference capturing solutions, to experimental visual art and even general FPGA-based video research. Watch it here.


The Numato Opsis just closed out its crowdfunding campaign at 393% of its goal. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to preorder one for yourself.

Oct. 27: Ryan Cousins, Snickerdoodle and David Scheltema, Make Magazine

Snickerdoodle is a $55 hybrid development board that has an ARM application processor with an onboard FPGA. Ryan Cousins of krtkl (the creators) and David Scheltema of Make: magazine join Randal and Aaron to discuss the board. Watch it here.


As of writing this, the Snickerdoodle is 90% funded. In addition to the board, you can also get break out boards and other add ons to help you build anything you can imagine. They’re available to order here.

Crowd Supply is a collaborative commerce platform that provides strategy, crowdfunding, e-commerce and logistics for the creators of the best new hardware and open design. Launch a project of your own or explore our catalogue here.