Announcing the Crowd Supply Creator Guide

A good guide can get you somewhere you never thought you’d reach…

The process of going from a great idea to a shipping product is long and complicated, with a lot of moving parts. You’re not going to get it all put together and running right without some sort of owner’s manual. So we wrote one for you.

Crowd Supply’s new Creator Guide was written to help you with all aspects of bringing your project to life. It covers the basic things you need to know and do before your campaign launches, while it’s underway, and after it concludes.

Before the campaign starts we cover topics like how to generate written and visual content for campaign pages, how to develop a PR and marketing plan, working with manufacturers, and setting funding goals. Basically, we cover everything you need to know to get your campaign with Crowd Supply off to a great start.

For during the campaign we cover topics such as communicating with your backers, sending out updates, and executing your marketing and PR efforts. The Guide will help you build and maintain the momentum needed to bring your campaign to a successful conclusion.

After the campaign ends we cover topics such as fulfilling orders for your new product and, of course, how and when you’ll get your funds.

We hope you’ll find the Creator Guide helpful as you work with Crowd Supply to build your idea into a successful product. The Guide is very much a work in progress; in the coming weeks we’ll be adding new sections and expanding and improving the current content.

To that end, we need your help to make this Guide the best it can be. If you have any feedback or suggestions on the current content, or if there are things you’d like to see covered, please drop us a line at It’s your guide, tell us how to make it great!

Photo: Todd Vogel