10,000 Boxes Shipped Globally

Fulfilling orders to eager backers is one of the most satisfying part of a product crowdfunding campaign. It’s a significant milestone. But let’s face it - packing and shipping those orders can be an enormous distraction when you need to focus on a product and burgeoning business.

At Crowd Supply, we think that final step should be a cause for celebration - which is why we’ve offered affordable, international shipping services to our creators since the beginning. As we approach our third year in business, we’re excited to say that we shipped our 10,000th package over the holiday!

OK, we’re now up to 10,125 shipments but we didn’t want to interrupt your break with statistics about packing peanuts, did we?

Here's how we did it:


At Crowd Supply, we know a thing or two (or 10,000) about shipping. We’ve packed a range of goods - food, hardware, circuit boards, lithium batteries, you name it - in boxes from 1 to 30 lbs, all over the world. We’ve shipped to almost every state in the US (looking at you South Dakota) and to over 70 countries worldwide.

The hard reality for many unassuming creators is that shipping is complicated. Do you have the right size boxes? Did you factor shipping costs into your pledge pricing before the campaign even launched? What are you offering for international availability? And where the heck are you going to store all those packing peanuts? It’s an afterthought that can become a complex and time consuming undertaking that many creators are simply not prepared for.

If you’re thinking about crowdfunding your next product, Crowd Supply can help you with your shipping and logistics, too. To learn more about our fulfillment services, read more about it in our Creator Guide.