Privacy-respecting gadgets & services that keep your data safe

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, an international event hosted by the National Cyber Security Alliance to spread awareness about the importance of privacy and the protection of our personal information online.

Digital privacy is a core value of ours at Crowd Supply. It's one of the reasons we've removed most proprietary JavaScript from our website. It's also why we're happy to offer some great privacy-respecting products on our site.

We've rounded up a selection of gadgets and services that respect and protect your digital rights, as well as some of our favorite, free, privacy-respecting services.

USB Armory: An Open Source USB Stick Computer


The USB Armory by Inverse Path is a full-blown computer (800MHz ARM® processor, 512MB RAM) in a tiny form factor (65mm x 19mm x 6mm USB stick) that was designed from the ground up with information security applications in mind.

It offers native support for many Linux distributions, plus a completely open hardware design and breakout prototyping header, making it a great platform on which to build other hardware.

How it keeps your data safe:

The USB Armory is a flexible platform for all kinds of personal security applications. It's an excellent tool for testing the security of other devices, but also offers great security features itself:

  • ARM® TrustZone® for secure boot + storage + RAM
  • User-fused keys for running only trusted firmware
  • Customizable LED indicator, including secure mode detection
  • Minimal design limits scope of supply chain attacks
  • Open hardware and software offers great audit-ability

Support for ARM® TrustZone®, in contrast to conventional trusted platform modules (TPMs), allows developers to engineer custom TPMs by enforcing domain separation between the “secure” and “normal” worlds that propagates throughout all System on Chip components, as opposed to limited only to the CPU core.

Price: $130

Availability: In stock at Crowd Supply. Ships immediately.

Signal by Open WhisperSystems

signal app

Signal is a free, private messaging app for iOS or Android based devices.

How it keeps your data safe:

Signal uses end-to-end encryption and Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256 to keep all messages and communications safe. Open WhisperSystems does not store or have access to any user content. You can read their complete privacy FAQ here.

Price: Free

Availability: Download for Android, iOS, and desktop (beta).

Librem laptops by Purism


Purism’s Librem laptops combine software certified by security, privacy, and freedom experts with a slim and beautiful design. Available in two versions - the Librem 13 and the Librem 15.

Librem 15 Specifications:

  • 15" display
  • 4GB RAM (up to 32GB)
  • DDR3L 1600MHz
  • Two core, four thread 3.0GHz Intel i7-5557U processor
  • Intel Iris Graphics 6100
  • QubesOS, PureOS, or nothing pre-installed
  • Hardware kill switches for mic and camera

Librem 13 Specifications:

  • 13.3” display 1920x1080
  • Two cores, four threads Intel i5 processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 5500
  • 4GB RAM (up to 16GB)
  • 500GB HD (up to 1TB HD or 1TB SSD)
  • QubesOS, PureOS, or nothing pre-installed
  • Hardware kill switches for mic and camera

How it keeps your data safe:

Backdoors, adware, and many other security vulnerabilities plague conventional laptops and computers, making it easy for scammers, criminals, unscrupulous manufacturers, and ISPs to access our personal data, our browsing activities, and even hijack our webcams and microphones.

Librem was built “chip-by-chip to respect and protect your privacy, security, and freedom.” It ships with either QubesOS, the “reasonably secure operating system” that’s won the regard of Edward Snowden, or with PureOS, Purism’s Operating System that leverages the freedom-respecting Linux distribution Debian.

It also comes with hardware kill switches for the mic, camera, and the wireless, so you have even more control over how and when your laptop collects and emits information.

Starting at $1,624

Availability: Pre-order on Crowd Supply for delivery in April 2016.

Tor Browser


The Tor Browser runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and lets you browse the Web privately and anonymously. It protects you against traffic analysis and other forms of digital surveillance.

How it keeps your data safe:

Tor focuses specifically on protecting the transport of your traffic data, so be aware that some activity may still be vulnerable. To prevent individual traffic and data from being linked to any user or captured and analyzed, Tor uses a distributed, anonymous network, encryption keys across established circuits, and establishes new circuits for repeat address visits. For more information, visit the Tor Project site.

Price: $0

Availability: Free download.

GPG Encryption


GnuPG, or GPG, is an implementation of the OpenPGP standard as defined by RFC4880 (also known as PGP). It encrypts data with a versatile key management system and access modules for various public key directories.

How it keeps your data safe:

In addition to providing strong encryption for your data and communications, GPG is built on free, open-source software. Free software respects users essential digital freedoms. You can use it for any purpose, inspect and modify the source code, and share the software or modifications with others.

Price: $0

Availability: Free download



DuckDuckGo is a search engine that doesn't track your activities.

How it keeps your data safe:

DuckDuckGo doesn't track or collect searches or web activity. Since it doesn't track or save your search history, it can't and won't share it with anyone else. DuckDuckGo has published its complete privacy standards.

Privacy is a right - but we must actively engage in protecting our privacy every day if we want to keep that right. The list above is just a sample of goods and services we can use for that. If privacy matters to you, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Free Software Foundation (FSF) are great organizations to support and be involved with.