Josh Lifton at LinuxFest Northwest: Opportunities for Open Hardware with Crowdfunding

A few weeks back, Crowd Supply CEO Josh Lifton spoke to a full room at LinuxFest Northwest, Listen in as he discusses the unique symbiosis that can exist between crowdfunding and open hardware. After a brief introduction to his background and experience, Lifton goes on to look at several very successful campaigns on Crowd Supply.

Lifton points out that while campaigns on Crowd Supply may be for very diverse sorts of products, from BBQ sauce to Software Defined Radio, they have some key qualities in common. Specifically, a community and a role to play in it, a focus on user-rights and privacy, and a lasting passion for the project.

Lifton goes on to examine in detail how several successful campaigns on Crowd Supply manifested these, and other, important traits. He concludes by showing how these traits are codified in Crowd Supply's Proclamation of User Rights (PUR). This proclamation is a fundamental part of Crowd Supply's business model and its community of creators, backers, and users. If you want to learn more about how the most successful campaigns on Crowd Supply got there, grab your headphones and watch the video!