Write Your Way to a Successful Campaign

For this post, we’re going to take a look at the latest addition to our Creator Guide, a new page on campaign text. Every project launched at Crowd Supply has a sort of “home page”, where creators introduce their project to the world in hopes of finding the right people to back it. The process of writing that page is how creators start to assemble the outlines of their marketing, it’s how they identify their users and the problems those users have, and it’s how creators can start to articulate how their project can be a solution.
We know that writing is hard, often for engineers in particular, so we give creators lots of help and resources, including this new page in the Creator Guide. Our hope is that it will help with the hardest, most obstinate challenge in writing: getting started. At the heart of this page is a series of questions and thought exercises, designed to help stimulate thinking about users and use cases:

  • Who are your users? Be very specific. Give them names, ages, a career, a haircut. Imagine where they are in life and what they are trying to do. You want your potential backers to identify with them, to see themselves in the story.
  • Why do your users need your project? What does it help them do? Or, what can’t they do without it? Paint a picture of what your project can do to improve or enable something your users love. What, specifically, are your users doing when they need your project?
  • Try some one sentence summaries of your story. E.g., “Phyllis the engineering student couldn’t afford a bench full of test gear, until Labrador came to her rescue” or “Lovers of Portland history and smoked brisket can rejoice now that Felton & Mary’s BBQ sauce has been recreated and is available locally.”
  • Think about how you decided to undertake the project? What drove you to start it and keep working? What will change or improve for you when the project is a reality?
  • Which monsters does your product slay? What are users finally free to do when they’re gone?

To read more about why we think this writing process is so important, and ways our creators can approach it, take a look at the page On Campaign Text.