New Additions to "The Crowd Supply Guide"

We’ve made as couple of useful additions to The Crowd Supply Guide this week. We’ve added a page giving our recommendations for working with manufacturers, and we’ve adding a new page explaining in depth what happens when a campaign ends, successfully funded or not.

The new “Working with Manufacturers” page covers topics such as prototyping, using on-shore or off-shore providers, getting quotes, and more. It also has lots of hints and tips to help creators create and maintain healthy relationships with their providers.

Speaking of providers, did you know that Crowd Supply maintains a “Provider Directory”? It’s a list of providers, from printers to PCB manufacturers, that our creators have used successfully in the past. There’s no other way for a provider to get into the directory.

At the other end of the campaign process, we’ve added a page that answers the question, “Your Campaign Has Ended, Now What?” We cover what happens when a campaign hits its end date (or gets suspended), whether it funds successfully or not. We cover what creators can expect from us and what they’ll need to do to go on to the next steps.

We hope these new pages are useful. Please let us know what you think!