Road Trip Report: LinuxFest NorthWest

Last weekend, some of the Crowd Supply crew took a road trip up north, to attend LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, WA. Darrell Rossman and CEO Josh Lifton loaded up a van with a table, a bunch of cool hardware and books, and a bunch of virtuous snacks from the local co-op (and also some potato chips). They were in for a busy weekend.

Over the two days of the conference, roughly 750 people stopped by the Crowd Supply table (that's around half of the attendees). They came by to chat about open source hardware, take a look at some of our creators' cool open projects, and, it turns out, buy a whole bunch of Crowd Supply stuff. We also got a considerable number of pre-orders for popular items like the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, Open-V, and LimeSDR. We had to keep the table fully staffed for the whole two days.

Josh was also busy giving several talks, one of which was somewhat impromptu after another speaker was a no-show. That talk discussed the challenges facing open silicon development and the RISC-V architecture standard. Josh's other talks covered the background of open silicon development and the proliferation of networks based around software-defined radio. The talks were generally well attended, mostly with standing-room only audiences of over seventy people.

The guys also found some time to do some networking and attend some interesting talks, such as John Sullivan's (of the Free Software Foundation) talk on GPL adoption. They also got to chat with some potential new creators with some very interesting ideas for projects. You'll just have to stay tuned to hear more about those...

Between talks, and tabling, and meeting new contacts and connections, Josh and Darrell were too busy to do much else. Here is the buffet table at the evening gaming session by the time they arrived:

If you look closely, you can see there is one slice of pizza left. Sad trombone. But it was all worth it. A lot of people learned about Crowd Supply. We made some great new contacts and friends and discovered some cool new tech. We did have to buy more snacks for the drive home, however.