Announcing our New Partnership with Digi-Key

If you like working on hardware as much as we do, then you probably already know and rely on a company called Digi-Key. You know them as a reliable supplier of electronic components and supplies. Now, we are very excited to announce, they are also a distributor of Crowd Supply products. Since around November of this year, Digi-Key has been distributing select Crowd Supply projects, such as Circuit Stickers, Snickerdoodle, BES-AFE-1, HiFive1, and snapVCC. Of course, we’re constantly expanding that selection. Maybe your project will be next!

We don’t mind saying it is quite difficult to become a supplier for a major distributor like Digi-Key -- there are a lot of hoops to jump through -- so this represents a great opportunity for our creators. Basically, whenever a project joins the Crowd Supply portfolio of products, it will also be put in front of Digi-Key’s buyers, who will choose products for inclusion in their catalog based on various criteria, such as pricing, availability, etc.

We’re thrilled our creators now have a path to broader distribution and exposure for their projects, and we’re happy our backers now have convenient new ways to get their hands on products launched on Crowd Supply.